We are a digital-first company. But we’re non-digital in ways that count.

If you think you have an unforgettable book — a novel, thriller, young-adult story, children’s book,  a cookbook — and you think it has the potential to reach readers through eBook and print-on-demand platforms, we’d LOVE to see it.  And, if you think your book might also lend itself to media enhancements — illustrations, videos, music, sound effects, animations, hyperlinks — then so much the better.  You can email us with a brief query on your work in the form at the bottom of the page, or for more detailed guidelines on how to submit your work, please click on “Learn More.”

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If you are interested in submitting a Query Letter to Hipso Media for us to consider publishing your work, here are some guidelines of what we are looking for. Remember, your Query Letter will be Hipso’s first impression of your writing and your work, so make sure you get our attention. A query letter should be no more than 1-2 pages, and have the following elements:  1) INTRODUCTION In one paragraph, introduce yourself and the work you want us to consider. Tell us the title, what kind of work it is – i.e., Young Adult novel, Literary Fiction, Cookbook. Tell us how many pages and words the Manuscript (MS) has, and any other important components of the work (i.e., does it have illustrations). Then, give us a one-sentence “high concept” summary of the book, if possible, or what it’s similar too, i.e., “People who like Neil Gaiman will like my work.”  2) SYNOPSIS Succinctly describe the plot of your work, or concept of your non-fiction book. This should be one or two paragraphs and focus on the main plot, the setting and main characters. Then vividly and with passion, describe the arc of your story – tell us what’s at stake for the main characters, and why we as readers should care – what’s different, what’s new, what’s important about the story. If it’s a non-fiction work, give some sample chapter headlines, and tell us who the book is for and why.  3) AUTHOR BIO Tell us about yourself and your writing creds, publication credits, and education. Are you already published? If so, give us the title, date and publishers of your work. If not, don’t worry – we are looking for new voices and new talent! Do you have a blog, or have you been published online on someone else’s blog or collection? Do you have a Facebook page, Goodreads, Twitter, Tumblr, blog or other social media presence? If so, please provide the links to those pages. Have you attended any writing workshops? Won any prizes? Show us your passions and what you want from your writing.  4) NEXT STEPS Tell us whether the MS is finished or how close it is to being finished. If it’s a non-fiction book, do you have an outline or is the book entirely written? If we are interested in seeing more, do you have sample chapters you can send? What’s the best way to contact you – email, phone?

SUBMIT To submit your query or if you have questions, please contact Rob Simon, Publisher, Hipso Media at rob@hipsomedia.com. We look forward to seeing your work!